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Moving is a huge challenge associated with any real estate transaction. The following resources should help you when buying or selling real estate and the moving that is normally associated with it:
  • Remember to Update Your New Address. This is one of the most important yet easiest things to forget! You must change your address at least a week before the move so your important mail like bills, credit card statements, packages, etc can arrive at your new address. You also want to update your new address with you family, friends, DMV, your employer, and doctors.
  • Pack Ahead of Time. Looking at all your items and thinking about packing it all up can be a daunting task! A way to reduce the stress of packing is to pack little by little at a time. As early as you can, start packing up the items you don't use everyday. Some of these items could be anything from old photographs, memorabilia, sporting goods, to books. The sooner you start to pack, the easier it will be.
  • Schedule a Date and Time With Your Movers. Make sure you schedule a time with your movers and sort out all the details ahead of time.
  • Hold On to Your Important Items. You never want to pack important or valuable items like cash, jewelry, or prescription medications away - KEEP IT WITH YOU! You never know if you will need them on your moving day and you don't want to add to the stress by worrying whether your items will still be there when you unpack.
  • Label Your Boxes. Make sure you label your boxes clearly so you will have an easier time when unpacking. If you have fine china or anything fragile, be sure to label the box as FRAGILE so the movers will be more gentile with the items.
  • Prepare Your Furniture for the Move. If you are bringing dressers, make sure to remove all items from the drawers so it is easier to lift. You can also wrap your furniture ahead of time to make moving day easier.

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