Location, Location, Location!

When looking to buy a home, one important factor to consider is the area in which you buying. There are many things to consider...

How close is my new home to where I work?
Proximity to one's place of employment is a significant factor in buying a home. Driving to and from work is going to effect your life everyday at your new place of residence. Freeway accessibility is another important factor to consider.

What is the parking situation like?
Parking is another key factor to buying a new home. Parking needs to be accessible in purchasing a new home. If you buy in a densely populated area, chances are parking is going to be something to be dealt with on a daily basis.

What are the demographics in my new city?
It's a great idea to take a look at the demographics of the neighborhood and city you are going to be living in. What is the average income of the area? Appreciation and property value are sometimes very dependent upon the upkeep and professionalism of the community you are buying in. Don't be afraid to scope out your new neighbors - how they treat their property can directly affect your property value. Can you handle living next to the type of neighbor that lives on your new street?

Are there children in your new household / or in your future?
Checking out local schools is important if you have children or will have children in the future. Make sure your new community is family oriented, and scope local parks and daycare centers.

What is recreation like in my new city?
Don't forget to overlook enjoying your new area in your playtime. What recreational activities are provided in your area? Take a look at the literature that your new community provides. Does this jive with your lifestyle?

Trade Offs.
Different areas have unique features which may be desirable for you, but often while one community offers great parking, it may be a drive to get to your favorite shopping center. Make a list of pros and cons when choosing an area to live in. Weigh the pros and cons of each area carefully before you make your decision.